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Our Vision and values

We have a clear strategy in place to exploit the opportunities in a power generation market where 25% of the industry capacity will be retired in the next decade. As part of the Company's growth strategy we are continuing to develop organic growth and seek to increase the overall scale of the Group to reach critical mass from a financial and operating perspective.


We continue to organically develop Coal Mine Methane sites from our existing licence portfolio. The power response business provides potential to expand into National Grid's Short Term Operating Reserve (STOR) operations

Design, Build and Operate

Gas to power is Alkane's core expertise, covering project development, combined heat and power engine units and grid connections.  This expertise is transferable to other energy sources such as biogas or natural gas.

Licence Potential

Alkane has circa. 800 km2 of acreage under various Petroleum Exploration and Development Licences.

Our Values

Our core values are as follows:

  • INTEGRITY: To be as open and honest in all our dealings with stakeholders.
  • PEOPLE: To employ the best people, encourage and support their development and reward success and loyalty wherever possible.
  • SAFETY: To promote safe working practices for the protection of both staff and contractors.
  • SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: To be mindful of the communities in which we operate.
  • ENVIRONMENTAL STEWARDSHIP: To keep to a minimum our impact on the environment.

Business Sectors

Generation - Design Build & Operate - Licence Potential

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