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Power Response

The UK's increasing reliance on intermittent energy generation methods has created demand for flexible standby generation capacity.  Alkane's Power Response sites are ideally placed to provide the additional generating capacity to meet these short term generation requirements.

Power Response builds on Alkane's core skills and provides Alkane with a more diverse gas to power portfolio.  Most of Alkane's Power Response sites are connected to mains gas but we also operate one kerosene fuelled Power Response site.

Many of Alkane's Power Response sites maximise the value of existing generating capacity and grid connections previously used for Coal Mine Methane power production.  Alkane has also purchased additional operational Power Response sites from other operators and aims to increase its presence in this growing market.

Power Response generates revenue from a combination of supplying electricity at peak times, fees from operating under National Grid's Short Term Operating Reserve ('STOR') programme and Demand Side Balancing Reserve ('DSBR') programmes and winter premium payments. 

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