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Coal Mine Methane (CMM)

Alkane has the UK's leading CMM portfolio.

We gain onshore gas licences and exploit our CMM gas reserves either selling the gas directly to customers or generating electricity and selling this via the local electricity distribution network. We use a range of modular generation units on our sites to give us the maximum flexibility and scalability up to a capacity of 10MW.

We operate from sites spread across the central part of the UK. The group has over 15 years' experience in CMM and has built up the UK's leading licence portfolio. The portfolio includes areas in the Midlands, Yorkshire, the North West of England and South Wales.

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Click here to see a diagram of a typical Coal Mine Methane site


If you wish to learn more about methane and how it is captured, view the Archive video below produced by the ACMMO (Association of Coal Mine Methane Operators):



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