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Biogas is produced from the breakdown of waste organic material, a process referred to as Anaerobic Digestion (AD).  The gas produced tpically contains around 50-60% methane which can be used to generate electricity and heat.

Alkane Biogas is the ideal 'Gas to Power' partner for a Client or Developer of anaerobic digestion plants.

To date we have designed and installed over 6MW of gas cleaning and generation capacity at AD plants across the UK.

'Gas to Power' includes all equipment required to convert the biogas produced by the AD process into revenue.

Our extensive capabilities and scope of supply include:

  • providing the grid connection, including all liaison with DNO
  • designing and installing the site HV and LV electrical and earthing system,
  • designing, installing and integrating the site heat distribution system into the AD plant and if required into third party heat consumers including the supply of auxiliary boiler systems.
  • The specification, design, installation and integration of site wide process control system, control equipment and cabling
  • Providing the 'Gas to Power Island' which includes:
      • Containerised CHP unit (500 -2,000kWel)
      • Integrated Flare
      • Compressor Units
      • Gas Drying Systems
      • Gas Purification – including carbon filters and de-sulpharisation units
      • Exhaust stack
      • Auxiliary boiler







  • The partnership starts by understanding the biogas volume and quality generated by the AD plant which then drives how the biogas can be profitably processed to produce electricity, heat or injected into the grid.
  • Alkane evaluates these options with the Client and once the most appropriate option has been chosen Alkane can take full responsibility for the design, integration, construction and commissioning of the 'Gas to Power' equipment.
  • In addition Alkane can provide a full maintenance service for the 'Gas to Power' equipment - Click Here to view brochure
  • Where appropriate may consider investment alongside client funding.

For further information and to start to discuss your project please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone 01623 827927 today.

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