Environmental Management

General Statement of Policy

It is our aim to prevent, so far as is reasonably practicable, damage to the environment as a result of our work activity. We recognise the benefits of good environmental management and are aware of the environmental impacts of our operations and will balance the needs of the business with the need to protect the local and global environment.

We will aim to comply with all relevant environmental legislation and minimise pollution, resource use and waste, where possible, through the continual improvement of performance in all areas of our operations.

In order to achieve this aim we will:

  • Identify environmental impacts of the Company and establish procedures to reduce them where it is practicable to do so.
  • Measure and evaluate our environmental performance and improve it where necessary.
  • Incorporate the responsibility for environmental performance into management objectives.
  • Increase awareness and provide training for employees to ensure environmental risks are effectively controlled.
  • Reduce the potential for accidents and mitigate against damage to minimise the consequences.
  • Minimise the use of all articles and substances that pose a substantial environmental hazard by using products that have the least environmental impact where appropriate options exist.
  • Reduce the consumption of resources such as energy, materials, substances and packaging where possible.
  • Minimise waste through a commitment to reuse, recover or recycle, where possible.

We also recognise our duty to ensure that good environmental management is practised in all work that we control and therefore we will aim to ensure that all contractors working on our sites minimise the risks to the environment from the work they do.

I and the other senior members of management are committed to this Policy and to the implementation and maintenance good environmental management across the organisation and expect every employee to share this commitment and to work together to achieve it.



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