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Corporate Social Responsibility

To ‘help keep the lights on’ Alkane produces electricity using mains gas when Short Term Operating Reserve (STOR) is needed at certain times of the day by National Grid, when actual demand for electricity is greater than planned availability.  Alkane is also recognised as the industry leader in the production of power from coal mine methane (CMM). 

Alkane is committed to the highest standard of responsible business behaviour.

Our staff work to four key values:  Mutual Respect, Integrity, Support, Teamwork

Environmental Stewardship

Alkane strives to reduce its impact on the environment and natural resources

Ø  Methane is a raw material and is 21 times more detrimental to the atmosphere than carbon dioxide and is found in abundance in abandoned coal mines.  By capturing this gas we protect the negative effect it would otherwise have on the atmosphere and climate change.

Ø  Solar panels have been installed at some sites to generate electricity to help run plant and equipment.

Ø  Ground source heat is used as an alternative energy source to successfully heat our Markham Office.

Ø  Extensive tree planting and landscaping is carried out on our sites to assist site conservation.

Ø  Environmental surveys, noise screening and even bat surveys are carried out, when required, as part of a planning application process.

Ø  Toolbox talks are delivered to staff to communicate information on various topics including hazardous waste, COSHH, oil removal

Our People

Our team has a vast knowledge and expertise and continues to support our ongoing success. 

Our training is comprehensive across all aspects of our operations and in addition to on the job related training we promote lifelong learning to our employees and encourage them to continuously progress and learn.

Alkane promotes good working conditions and practices and policies are in place to help promote the safety, welfare and health of staff.

An employee assistance programme is offered to all employees and extends to family members who require support in their life outside work.


Alkane is committed to support small local initiatives close to our operational sites.  Charitable financial support is ongoing and our company website has a page designated to display those we have helped.

We continue to offer highly skilled, well-paid employment opportunities in communities hit by the decline of the coal industry and hope to see this trend continue as our operations increase.

Trade Partners

Alkane helps support local suppliers and enjoys building working relationships with businesses and individuals within the surrounding areas of its sites.

We are seen as a credible and reputable business and maintain long standing relationships with our suppliers and customers.

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