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Living our Values - Environmental Stewardship

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The fundamental nature of our business is environmentally positive. Methane is 21 times more detrimental to the atmosphere than carbon dioxide. By the capture and utilisation of methane we make an important contribution towards mitigating climate change, both directly and by the displacement of fossil fuel power generation.

The Group also continues to consider the impact of improved technologies and working practices to not only improve efficiencies but also reduce the Group's impact on the environment. Investment in integrated computer controlled operating systems alert our engineers to issues on remote sites as soon as a problem arises. In some instances allowing the interrogation and resolution of problems remotely via the mobile phone network, thus reducing the requirement to drive to sites and the resulting reduction in like for like vehicle miles and emissions.

Further enhancements of this system are scheduled for the future; increasing the capability to solve a greater number of problems in this way.

Our Aims

The Group's principle environmental aims are to:

  • Prevent pollution and comply with environmental legislation and any environmental agreements with external organisations;
  • Consider environmental issues when making major decisions and seek to achieve sustainable environmental results within available resources;
  • Provide environmental awareness training to employees;
  • Require that its consultants, contractors and suppliers adopt good environmental practice and comply with the provisions of the Company's environmental policy;
  • Promote awareness among stakeholders, including the public, of the environmental benefits of our methane capture operations.

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Methane is 21 times more harmful to the environment than C02

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