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Alkane Takes its Responsibilities Very Seriously

Alkane takes its responsibilities to staff, contractors, local communities and the wider environment very seriously.

Our Staff

Alkane recognises the skills and efforts of our team of dedicated staff in the Group's success, many of whom have vast experience within the Group and the industry as a whole.

Strong communications and an open management style ensures that employees are kept informed of all matters affecting their interests at work and on the performance of the business and have opportunities to raise ideas or concerns on aspects of our operations.

The Group has an Equal Opportunities Policy and is committed to avoiding discrimination on the grounds of sex, race, age, disability, sexual orientation or religion, maintaining a neutral working environment in which no worker feels under threat and where everybody's contribution is valued.

Health and Safety

The Group is committed to conducting safe and efficient operations. We recognise that good health and safety management can contribute significantly to our long-term business success.  The Group aims not only to comply with health and safety measures, as required by law, but also to act positively to prevent injury and ill health.

The management of health and safety matters is an integral part of Alkane's operations and has equal standing with the Group's other major business objectives. The CEO reports to the Board on Group Health and Safety performance.

Staff Training

Staff safety remains a priority within the Group and priority is given to ensuring that all staff recieve appropriate health and safety training in their specific area of expertise.

Contract Workers

The nature of our business requires third parties to undertake many of Alkane's activities and the management of contractors presents additional health and safety challenges. The Group remains committed to working with our contractors to minimise risk and ensure the safety and security of all our sites.

For major contracts, Alkane assesses contractors' health and safety performance as part of the tender or selection process. It also develops and agrees project-specific procedures with contractors and conducts site safety induction training and audits during performance of the work.

Safety, Health, Environment and Quality Forum (SHEQ)

The Group's performance in health and safety, environment and quality is reviewed bi-monthly at our SHEQ meetings.  The meetings are attended by a cross section of our employees representing all functions in the bsuiness.  The purpose of the forum is to instill best practice, review performance and key issues and commit to a process of continuous improvement.

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