Alkane Energy: Gas to Power

Alkane Energy is one of the UK’s fastest growing independent power generators.  The Company operates mid-sized 'gas to power' electricity plants providing both predictable and fast response capacity to the grid.  Alkane now has a total of 145MW of installed generating capacity and an electricity grid capacity of 163MW.

Alkane has various onshore Petroleum Exploration and Development Licences ('PEDLs') with its main operations based on a portfolio of coal mine methane ('CMM') sites.  Alkane has the UK's leading portfolio of CMM licences, enabling the Company to extract gas from abandoned coal mines.

As CMM declines at any one site Alkane retains valuable generating capacity and a grid connection which we can move to power response.  Power response sites are connected to mains gas and produce electricity at times of high electrical demand or in order to balance the electricity grid.

Alkane has a range of core skills encompassing the entire project development cycle including planning and permitting, sourcing plant and managing the build and commissioning stage.  This is enabling us to establish a Design, Build & Operate business for third party clients in the biogas and oil & gas industries.



Alkane is the largest operator of Coal Mine Methane in the UK

Realising the Potential

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See where we operate and where we have licences to develop future green energy parks

28 Operational Energy parks in the UK
265 gigawatt hours of electricity sales in 2016
Worker on Alkane rig

Alkane Energy

One of the UK's fastest growing independent power generators with a total of 145MW of installed generating capacity